Moriyama Play by Play
  Playthroughs with the JPML President   
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  RRO 2019
  Philadelphia’s Justin Toporcer takes the gold    
  JMDR Tourney
  Bone Marrow Charity event
    opens in Rochester
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Shinasaka Koji Interview
We sit down with the creator of “Tohai” and the revival of “Lion” in Kindai Mahjong to discuss manga, television, and of course, mahjong!
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David Bresnick Interview
Q&A with the president of the USPML, North America’s premier professional Reach Mahjong organization, about the World Reach Championship, PAX East, the NYC Open, and the future of Mahjong in the West!
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Tile Efficiency: Basics
To succeed in Mahjong, you first have to learn how to upgrade your hand to the point where you can actually win. Knowing how to get to tenpai (ready state) as quickly as possible is an important skill to have.
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Mahjong Parlors
Mahjong parlors (“jansou”) in Japan are one of the best ways to see just how good you really are – with real stakes on the line, the cream rises to the top. Learn some basic etiquette and what it’s like to join and play at one.
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Sample Pro Test
Take an example test used by the Japanese Professional Mahjong League. See how you do!
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Rule Variations
Not everyone plays the same way, and while standards appear and evolve over time, take note of variations in the way people play Reach.
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Can’t decipher the meaning of an obscure mahjong term, or wondering how to say your score in Japanese? Check here!
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How to Play
Just starting out? Saw a great anime, or watched a tournament, and want to join in the fun! Read on!
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