Strategy Guides and Articles

Complete Hand Playthroughs with Moriyama-pro
Exclusive strategy discussion with the JPML President at the World Riichi Championship!

Mahjong Soul now in English
The popular, good-looking online Mahjong client is now available in English worldwide!

Mahjong Drills
Fun 1- and 2-player ways to get better at the game.

Nani Kiru? with Shigekazu Moriyama
Exclusive strategy session with the JPML President at the NYC Open!

Tile Efficiency: Basics
The math behind what to discard and what to keep to get to tenpai as fast as possible.

Tile Efficiency: Edge Waits
How good is that 12? A look at penchan.

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Rule Variations
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Terminology List
Wondering what someone meant? Look here to see the words and slang used by mahjong parlors and players.

Pro Test
Take a sample test on mahjong, just like the pros!

Playing Online: Tenhou
Play people around the world with this popular, free-to-play Mahjong program

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Manga and books for simple enjoyment, or to up your game!

Things to Watch
Gameplay videos, anime, and strategy guides!

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Other great Mahjong websites!