Beginner’s Guide

Just found out about Japanese Reach Mahjong from a TV show or a manga?

Looking to learn how to play – or how to get stronger – but don’t know where to begin? Look no further!

1. Learn the rules
The tiles, how to make a hand, the calls, how to Reach, maybe a few of the yaku (scoring patterns).
Click here to read the Rules!

2. Mess around in single player
Play this Flash game for a bit to get the hang of things. If it says “no multiplier”, then you don’t have a yaku. Check the rules!
Click here to play the Gamedesign Mahjong game!

3. Watch videos (below) and games online
Watch some of the professional games at the bottom of this page (look in the related videos for more), check our list of Things to Watch
or head on over to Crunchyroll to watch Akagi and Saki if you are looking for something a little more over-the-top. If you are looking to see top players play live, you can see them on Tenhou, under the tab for top games.

4. Learn to play online
Tenhou is the go-to place to play other people! Get used to the speed of the game, first on normal, then on fast – that’s the speed actual parlors play at!
Click here to learn to play Tenhou!

5. Get a mahjong set of your own
The basic yellow Japanese Mahjong set is a solid place to start – black tiles look cool, but the white dragons wear funny. Pick up a junk mat if you don’t have a safe surface to play on.

6. Get all your friends to play Mahjong
Teach enough people how to play, and you can play live games!

7. Start a club
Be sure to get listed on our Clubs in North America page, so others can join in!

(number unknown). Rule the world
We only assume that this is one of the eventual steps. If you get this far, let us know!

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