Tile Efficiency: Edge Waits

Edge Waits
Something to note is that penchan (Edge waits, like or ) are really hard to complete – not only is there only one tile, but you have to upgrade the wait twice > > before it gets any better.

Single tiles with lots of room around them (for example, ), while two tiles away from becoming a set, have lots of ways to get better – they can easily become multi-tile waits (ryanmen, such as ), or at the very least center waits () that upgrade easily to multi-tile waits. In fact, with this hand:

Choosing between discarding vs. or , the difference in number of draws between which sequence completes first is less than 1%.

So, if you have a number of unconnected middle tiles, maybe keeping them all and seeing which one develops is a better idea than keeping that penchan. Try it yourself!

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