The Mahjong-NY mahjong clubs consist of the RIT Nine Gates mahjong club, the Mahjong @ Hammergirl Anime meetup, and the Western Dragon Mahjong Club.

Each club can be contacted at its own website.

RIT Nine Gates
Website Contact:
Location: Student Innovation Hall, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Meeting time: every Friday, 5PM-10PM, during the school year
Activities: mahjong + spectating + teaching + videos + online play
Ruleset (casual games): 3 Red 5s, Multiple Ron, Bustout, 4&30=4&30, Open Reach
Ruleset (tournament prep): WRC Ruleset
Special Events: RRO
The RIT events are causal, friendly games. Players draw after each hand from a shuffled tileset to see what table they are on next, or if they are sitting out (players cannot be sat out twice in a row, and new players / outside guests cannot be sat out). Games are East+South, however at times with a large number of waiting players or guests games will be East-only to get people playing. A teaching station is set up for new players, and match videos, online mahjong, and reading materials are provided for players waiting for games.

Mahjong @ Hammergirl Anime
Website Contact:
Location: Hammergirl Anime, Rochester, NY
Meeting time: every Saturday, 6PM-10PM. Outside of the school year, Fridays 5PM-10PM as well
Activities: mahjong + spectating + manga
Ruleset: 3 Red 5s, Multiple Ron, Bustout, Kiriage
Ruleset (tournament prep): WRC Ruleset
Special Events: Bone Marrow Charity Event
The Hammergirl meetup is big on hand discussion and strategy talk. Players will usually discuss post-hand about what choices they made and why, with a focus on improving their game. Players can request an observer to watch their play and discuss it discard by discard post-hand. An extensive mahjong manga collection is available to peruse for players during downtime.

Western Dragon Mahjong Club
Website Contact:
Location: Casual Dragon Games, NY
Meeting time: every Saturday, 12PM-9PM
Activities: mahjong
Ruleset: 3 Red 5s, Multiple Ron, Bustout, San/Suurenkou
Special Events: Dragon Taikai
Western Dragon plays in a dedicated mahjong room at Casual Dragon Games, with a number of other meetups throughout the week for players not available on Saturdays. Scores are recorded and tracked throughout the year to focus on player improvement.