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Mahjong-NY Clubs

The Mahjong-NY mahjong clubs consist of the RIT Nine Gates mahjong club, the Mahjong @ Hammergirl Anime meetup, and the Western Dragon Mahjong Club, all in Western New York.

Each club can be contacted at its own website.

RIT Nine Gates
Website Contact:
Location: Student Innovation Hall, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Meeting time: every Friday, 5PM-10PM, during the school year
Activities: mahjong + spectating + teaching + videos + online play
Ruleset (casual games): 3 Red 5s, Multiple Ron, Bustout, 4&30=4&30, Open Reach
Ruleset (tournament prep): WRC Ruleset
Special Events: RRO
The RIT events are causal, friendly games. Players draw after each hand from a shuffled tileset to see what table they are on next, or if they are sitting out (players cannot be sat out twice in a row, and new players / outside guests cannot be sat out). Games are East+South, however at times with a large number of waiting players or guests games will be East-only to get people playing. A teaching station is set up for new players, and match videos, online mahjong, and reading materials are provided for players waiting for games.

Mahjong @ Hammergirl Anime
Website Contact:
Location: Hammergirl Anime, Rochester, NY
Meeting time: every Saturday, 6PM-10PM. Outside of the school year, Fridays 5PM-10PM as well
Activities: mahjong + spectating + manga
Ruleset: 3 Red 5s, Multiple Ron, Bustout, Kiriage
Ruleset (tournament prep): WRC Ruleset
Special Events: Bone Marrow Charity Event
The Hammergirl meetup is big on hand discussion and strategy talk. Players will usually discuss post-hand about what choices they made and why, with a focus on improving their game. Players can request an observer to watch their play and discuss it discard by discard post-hand. An extensive mahjong manga collection is available to peruse for players during downtime.

Western Dragon Mahjong Club
Website Contact:
Location: Casual Dragon Games, NY
Meeting time: every Saturday, 12PM-9PM
Activities: mahjong
Ruleset: 3 Red 5s, Multiple Ron, Bustout, San/Suurenkou
Special Events: Dragon Taikai
Western Dragon plays in a dedicated mahjong room at Casual Dragon Games, with a number of other meetups throughout the week for players not available on Saturdays. Scores are recorded and tracked throughout the year to focus on player improvement.

Outside of Western NY

If you are looking for a place to play mahjong in North America, find your state below and contact the club nearest you! For clubs looking to promote themselves here, drop us a line and we’ll get you on here ASAP!

United States

Boston / Cambridge: MIT Mahjong Club

New York
Rochester: Nine Gates Mahjong
Lockport: Western Dragon Mahjong
NYC: Riichi Nomi NYC

Dallas / Fort Worth: DFW Riichi


British Columbia
Vancouver: UBC Mahjong Club