Nine Gates Mahjong Club: Rochester, NY

Nine Gates Mahjong: Rochester, NY

Started in 2009 at RIT, the Nine Gates Mahjong Club rose from a small playgroup looking for a steady place to play. Since then, Nine Gates has grown to twice-weekly, with a dozen tables available for play and access to an extensive league system (hosted by

The League
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Nine Gates hosts the Rochester Reach Open, an yearly international tournament. Details available on


Location / Hours
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Fridays at RIT
RIT Nine Gates Mahjong Club meets every Friday while RIT is in session from 5PM to 10 PM in the main lobby of the RIT Innovation Center in Rochester, NY. Games are randomly seated. Side activities include pro match viewing and online play.

Saturdays at Hammergirl
Mahjong @ Hammergirl Anime meets every Saturday from 6PM to 10PM in the gaming area of Hammergirl Anime in Rochester, NY. Games are seated according to skill level or specific training sessions, focusing on hand reviewing, and league play. Side activities include an extensive library of mahjong books and manga. Automatic table available.