Things to Watch

If you are interested in watching mahjong-centric Anime, both Akagi
and three seasons Saki (“Saki”, “Saki Side-A”, “Saki Nationals”) are available on Crunchyroll.
Link: Crunchyroll

A large number of tournaments are available to view legally on various video sites.
Mahjong MAX Tournaments are available on the JPML’s Youtube Channel. 5-hanchan events, no kan or ura dora, so tight, low-scoring nailbiters the whole way through!
Youtube Link

The Queen’s Cup, by San Group, is available on their YouTube channel as well. See how the game changes with red 3s (making chanta-type hands that much stronger)!
Youtube Link

Tsuchida’s Mahjong Lessons
Tsuchida Koushou, the offense-style mahjong player that focuses on toitsu (pairs) for his attacks, has a video repository filled with lessons on digital and occult techniques.

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