Saikouisen Tournament Rules Overview

  • Standard scoring (for example, 1 and 30 is 1000//1500//300-500//500 all, 3 and 40 is 5200//7700//1300-2600//2600 all, etc etc: see “bazoro” explanation below)
  • 30,000 Point start
  • Negative Points are ok (no busting)
  • Reaching at < 1000 is ok
  • Reaching with 3/2/1/0 draws left in the wall is ok
  • Uma is +30/+10/-10/-30
  • All yakuman are single yakuman
  • Multiple yakuman allowed
  • non-yakuman caps out at sanbaiman (no kazoe yakuman)
  • (update, Jan 2023) Max base hand value: 2 yakuman. (honba / riichi sticks still add to this, dealer 2 yakuman in bonus 2 is 96600)
  • No red 5s
  • ,

  • 4 and 30 = mangan
  • Double Wind pair = 2 fu
  • no Responsible One Pays
  • no abortive draws
  • 75 minutes + current hand + next hand, diceroll marks the new hand
  • headbump
  • no swap calling (chii 3m with 45m, discard 6m / pon 8m, discard 8m)
  • All Green can have, but does not need, Green Dragon
  • Dealer should confirm all players are ready before first discard
  • dice are rolled once to break wall each hand (standard)
  • touch the wall, draw from the wall
  • discarded tiles cannot be taken back (revealed flat from hand to mat during discard = discard)
  • no revealing of non-public information (no commenting on hand info, no looking at wall post-hand)
  • verbally declare all calls, wins, and Riichi before reveal/discard/take
  • temporary furiten lasts until furiten player draws/calls
  • closed kan cannot be targeted for ron (kokushi included)


  • Above all, be respectful to the tourney, yourself, the staff, and your fellow players. We are all friends here. Judge and staff reserve the right to penalize attendees for willful event disruption and obstruction of any kind. Act in good faith. Be nice.
  • Bazoro explanation, Short version: Scoring is normal.
    Long version: the way you turn fu and han into a score is by doubling the fu a number of times equal to “2 + han”. So, a 3 and 30 is 30>60>120>240>480>960, so payments are 960=1000 and 1920=2000: 1000/2000.
    The vast majority of western scoring sheets list the number of han *without* that “2 + ” part. but it’s always been there, and Saikouisen just puts that 2+ on the score sheet. no worries, though, scoring is the same as it’s always been.