Lone Star Riichi: Dallas / Fort Worth, TX

Lone Star Riichi Mahjong: Dallas / Fort Worth, TX

Lone Star Riichi is a DFW group dedicated to helping riichi players meet online or in person for casual or competitive play. There is also a long standing open play day on Sundays at Dub Tea N Eats in Plano where players of all levels are welcome, and our members are more than happy to teach newcomers the rules of the game. For more info, shoot us an email or follow us on Instagram!

Regular Games
Open play Sundays at Dub Tea N Eats in Plano, TX
Online games through Mahjong Soul or Tenhou throughout the week with voice chat through Discord

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lone_star_riichi

Location / Hours
(contact club for up-to-date information)