DFW Mahjong 2017 Riichi Open
Mahjong – and murder – in Grapevine, Texas! Only a few spots left!

Steve Smith wins 2017 RRO
only 1300 points between first and second place!

2017 RRO Registration Opens
Hosted by the RIT Nine Gates Mahjong Club in March 2017!

Charles McDonell wins 2016 PML Riichi Mahjong Open
Hosted by the Pacific Mahjong League, featuring JPML and GPC players!

Yijun Xiong wins 2016 RRO!
An interview with the champion!

2016 Rochester Riichi Open Announcement
Hosted by the RIT Nine Gates Mahjong Club and Mahjong-NY.com!

2015 NYC International Riichi Open
NYC’s inaugural open international Mahjong tourney, featuring pro players from around the world!

Montreal’s first North American Riichi Open!

Mahjong-NY Weekly Meetings
Places to play Mahjong with Reach Mahjong of New York

R-MONY’s Mahjong League rules and information.